How do we march on?

Do we march on, as though nothing’s changed? If so, we’ll never be able to say, “Good riddance” to President Bush electing Senator John McCain president.  With McCain, we get more of the same.  He represents the old, guard warriors whose “victory, at any price tag patriotism,” drains the nation of its soldiers and treasure.  Both Bush and McCain’s answer to the proper care of our troops is to have them die honorably in battle.  Rather than admit error, apologize, and grant them a new GI Bill of Rights, it seems they’d rather have them return home in boxes.  President Bush’s current man on the ground in Iraq, General Petraeus, reports to Congress tomorrow.  The three presidential candidates will be there to ask their questions.  I will be there also via the cable news outlets. My bet is the Petaeus report will parrot the president’s obfuscated battle of lies. And McCain will laud the report because, to him, it’s the proof to continue the wobbly, militaristic march to full victory whenever.


Added to this, if we elect the Clintons, we get more of the same, as THEY represent the same old politics of destruction, division, deceit, calculation, and scandal.  Hello!  Being dishonest and distrustful are not in the game plan anymore.


The mission’s accomplished when we vote for real change and turn the page!  We must not be a nation perpetually at war.

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