The surge ahead with a new president!

Another week of President G.W. Bush’s surge publicity of mixed messages and fake debate, plus a complete mess on the Iraq War aside, our next commander in chief inherits a game where the rules have been changed yet again, a sloppy Iraq occupation, a general who supports and speaks for the former-president’s policies there, a permanent mission with benchmarks still unmet, Iraqis who have not stepped forward and want us out, no plans to draw down our troops there in the short term, no surge diplomacy at work in the area, and a frustrated legislative branch and American public. 


G.W. has truly screwed things up and left us completely drained!  So much so, our next president must rally the entire nation, if not the world, to the proposition that we are all in this together, and—as we turn the page to move forward—it will take sacrifice to make things right again. To accomplish this will take some time, but if we are united, we can get it done!


Let history judge the current president. We must not settle for success that is fragile. With a surge in international diplomacy, our next president must calm down the world, bring this war safely to a close in real time, and restore trust and economic justice here at home.  This is no small order, indeed.

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