We do not suffer fools gladly!

As I listened to the latest round of Petraeus-Crocker congressional hearings, I asked, “Which nations really are our friends today?”  Americans wonder. Certainly, comparing George Bush’s War in Iraq to our own Civil War, and the struggles of Abraham Lincoln, or our own War of Independence, and the struggles of George Washington, as Senator Wicker (R-MS) did, was so totally absurd, my lower jaw dropped in disbelief. Americans have grown tired of a government that treads on the rights of the people.  Obviously, we have differing interpretations on the ethics, justice, and necessity of the invasion of Iraq to fight terrorism. Our right to fight for our opinions, in any event, is as strong as ever, no matter which government retains power. No matter how hard they try, today’s Bushwhackers and revisionists of American history will never be revered by a majority of the people ever!


Another staged, highly-charged, White House Medal of Honor ceremony in the East Room, in junction with General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s appearance to the Congress, is symbolism that too late and highly suspect.  Not since the Viet Nam War, have there been more Medals of Honor awarded posthumously.


To date, we have not had an honest debate about the Iraq War. Any dissent has been ignored or labeled un-American. Our mission has not been defined.  Our legitimate questions, Mr. President and Senator McCain, still go unanswered.  And still, you will stumble through yet another speech, Mr. President, convincing us of nothing.  We already know the hallmark of this presidency is to brutalize our troops rather than support them.



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