High crimes and misdemeanors revisited!


Harsh interrogation techniques OK’d by Vice President Cheney and approved by President G.W. Bush are just the icing on the cake. “All high crimes and misdemeanors” committed by members of this administration must be pursued.  This president’s poll numbers are low, but the Congress has even lower ratings because they do nothing the People request!  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  One thing everyone knows how to do there in Washington, D.C. is shift the blame.  The Congress and the Media are just as guilty if this matter is not pursued.  Haven’t we learning anything since Watergate and the Clinton impeachment?  No president or administration is above the law!  The appropriate congressional committees must hold hearings. The Media must be the watchdog and uncover then expose these crimes for what they are.  A president failing to execute and/or breaking our laws, trampling our Constitution, denying our civil rights and liberties, and obstructing justice are very serious indeed, and we must act!


P. S.  The media needs to also stop going easy on McCain.  Forget that he’s a maverick.  He’s a flip-flopper and his character, since Vietnam and especially since the Keating Five and lobbyists, has been compromised.

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