The Clintons haven’t changed!


Mark Penn reinforces the double standard the Clintons have always practiced, or how the rules of the game have always applied to everybody else but them.  They don’t know how to play fair.  They’re as bad as the Republicans they’ve whined about.  I laughed out loud when Senator Clinton, speaking about President Bush’s latest stance on Iraq this week, said something like: “I will face reality and bring our troops home.”  I’m a staunch Democrat and a Boomer for Obama…why?  One reason is I can never believe anything the Clintons say.  They’ll say anything!  They live only in their reality, which is pretty fantastic.


Forget Mark Penn!  Senator Clinton hasn’t let him go anyway. And there stands President Clinton out on the trail lying about his wife to his audiences.  He blames the media for revving up her Bosnia lies, and then he tells a bunch more lies in the process.  Mon Dieu!  The American people need to fire the Clintons, as they’re no better than what they seek to change.

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