Give them that old time religion?

The Clintons are hardly “of the People.”  They live in their own bubbles, have entourages wherever they, and have made millions since the White House the first time around.  Barack Obama is addressing the larger picture of white supremacy, which still exists 40 years after the death of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Clintons continue to play the fear card on this while millions are still disenfranchised from reaping the benefits of the American dream.  And what comes out of their mouths about Obama is totally disingenuous and difficult to prove.  Voters can easily search Obama’s roots and compare them to those of the Clintons. Meanwhile, Senator Clinton has overplayed her hand.


Truth in politics is not dead.  Voters have the proof they need.  The words of the Clinton are never golden.  Their raison d’ etre is based on ulterior motives, as found in reaction formation.  Their abnormal psychology is void of ethics.  Even after many public prayer breakfasts and private Bible study sessions, they have told so many lies Americans—and the world for that matter—should be convinced another White House stint will be no different.


Faith aside, lies are their cover.  And their road to recovery has always been at our expense.  Their survival and restoration require bringing opponents down, to their gutter level. Millions of Americans and Barack Obama choose the high road.  How candidates run on the road to the White House is very revealing to people of faith and compassion.    Whenever Senator Clinton says politics is not a game, she lies.  For the Clintons, it has always been a game of winning at any cost.  The stakes are too high for Americans to continue the era of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton dirty politics, that old time religion.

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