We can be a part of something bigger!

Old prejudices still thrive, but we can be a part of something bigger. Barack Obama is a phenomenal candidate for president.  Hiliary Clinton and John McCain aren’t.  Like vultures in a feeding frenzy, they see their opening with Barack Obama’s latest gaffe: “telling the truth about America.”  For the next week, they will feed on the fears and hurt feelings of white Americans before the next primary. 

Out of context and out of line, Clinton and McCain, with help from surrogates, will make their case of old, dirty politics.  They will exemplify white American prejudices and divide the People as always.  I doubt Senators Clinton or McCain watched the MSNBC documentary, “Meeting David Wilson,” hosted by Brian Williams.  Were they too busy reinforcing White American prejudices?

Black Americans are ready to have a conversation with White Americans about race.  Until now, the conversation has been one-sided, in Black American homes and churches, ever since white America refused them membership in their churches.  Barack Obama has attempted to tell us the truth, and move the conversation forward, in his address: A More Perfect Union.  White America needs to come to the table and start talking about White Supremacy in America.  It still exists.  This is why we still have two Americas—one rich and one poor—in essentials, education, and justice. 

Barack Obama, of the current candidates, has the 21st century mindset to solve 21st century problems.  Senators Clinton and McCain don’t, and need to go feed on themselves, and let the rest of us turn the page. 


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