MSNBC promotes white America’s sexist-racism!

On April 16, white American sexist-racism is alive and, well?  MSNBC’s Nora O’Donnell and guest commentator, Mike Murphy mentioned Michelle Obama’s “tone or attitude in her voice,” as she defended elitist charges in today’s “Spouse Fires Back” segment.  These voices may have just as well said: “As an Afro-American, she was being downright uppity.”  When segments of the media parade bias this way, they feed right into the hands of the white supremacists.  Millions of Americans are sick, tired, and bitter about the tone of this campaign.   Throw the kitchen sink at the Obamas!  They’ve proven—as always—they’ve had to be better at everything.  Keep it up, media, Bill, and Hiliary!  You make them better.  We anticipate real change tonight at ABC’s Philadelphia Democratic Debate.

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