You play loose, you play lose!

The Clintons are losers, and they can’t stand it.  Whatever made them think the People would allow them to continue their travesty?  Their self-destructive behaviors have finally caught up with them.  They have been blind for far too long.  They have no shame; therefore, no one to blame but themselves for their implosion.  It’s payback time!  “What goes around, comes around.”  As a white, Boomer, parent, grandparent, and retired teacher of English and American history, I respect where Reverend Wright is coming from because I’ve despised the white supremacy chapter.  We cannot turn the page to a new chapter because it still exists 40 years after Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s death.  I believe the Clintons have done the Republicans’ dirty work and have also furthered the white supremacist message in the process. If millions of voters are ready to turn the page, we cannot have the Clintons dragging us down.  “Pride goeth before a fall!”  And we bid adieu to the liars, revisionists, phonies, and losers. After this election, the Clintons, no doubt, will recover yet again, ready to suck up the next time too.

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