It’s a matter of trust!

Pope Benedict XVI’s U.S. message of hope and reconciliation has been Barack Obama’s message throughout his campaign for the presidency.  Rather than bring any real change to last night’s Democratic Debate from Philadelphia, ABC host, and moderators, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos chose instead to devote the first 40 minutes or so festering negatives, feeding wedge issues, and playing the guilt by association game.  What a travesty, especially since, after grilling Senator Clinton on whether or not Barack Obama could win this fall, she emphatically admitted: “Yes, yes, yes!”


Millions of voters have figured out—no matter what the media or the Clintons have thrown at Barack Obama—that he connects with the People.  Polls show Senator Clinton high on baggage and negatives and low on trust and honesty.  Last night, she said:  “What’s important is what we stand for!”  Millions of Americans agree. 


Barack Obama believes we can solve today’s real issues by changing the culture in Washington, D.C., or as Senator Clinton said:  “We’ve got to come together!”  Voters will elect Barack Obama president because only he has the 21st century mindset to solve the issues we face today.  Under his leadership of reconciliation, the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans will be realized.  Together, we will end the Iraq War, rejoin the world community, restore economic and social justice here at home, and break the mold of the Bush-Clinton Era.  God bless America and Barack Obama!

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