ABC is hurting? So are the American people!

ABC wanted ratings real bad as host of the Philadelphia Democratic Debate, but has since received failing grades.  Good!  I hope they suffer as many of us are. This was the worst presidential debate in my lifetime.  Hiliary Clinton threatened Iran (supporting the administration’s faulty logic) and promised a NATO-like umbrella for the Middle East—sounding more far-right than G. W. Bush or John McCain—and there was no follow-up question for her. Yet debate moderators, George Stephanopolous, a former, senior advisor in the Clinton administration, and Charles Gibson, a capital gains tax guru, devoted 40 plus minutes to non-issues and attacks on Barack Obama.  It was unfair, absurd, and an insult to the American people.  I was never a fan of Charles Gibson anyway…he’s always come across as an overpaid elitist.  I WAS a fan of George Stephanopoulos, however, faithfully watching This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sundays, but no more!  He lost all credibility with me when a recording was released proving he took dictation from Fox News’ Shawn Hannity on the Ayers matter then  put the exact same question to Obama during the debate.  Stephanopoulos also repeated the Bus administration and Senator Clinton’s Iran faulty logic claim. ABC deserves to take the heat for the entire industry.  Why were these hosts heckled following the debate? Millions of voters believe the media sucks because they just don’t get it!  I’m pulling the plug after I say: God bless America and Barack Obama. 


P.S.  If you feel as I do, you can do what I did and call 1-212-456-7777, the ABC switchboard, to voice your complaint. 


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