McCain’s hard Rock of Ages!

John McCain’s latest faux pas was the publication of his income tax returns for the past two years.  His campaign—and his Free Ride Media Express—is bitter-sweet.  Once the American public knows the truth, he’ll be cast aside like the Clintons. I’m still furious about ABC’s Philadelphia Democratic Debate, featuring George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson.  “All is fair in love and war,” so John McCain should not be given the media’s free ride treatment, let alone by George Stephanopoulos this Sunday on This Week.  When it’s said the press likes McCain because of his maverick status or because he grants them more access, that’s a smoke screen.  McCain’s out of touch with real Americans—like most the media are—with no understanding of their economic pain and other inequities.  He’s a flip-flopper, like Hiliary Clinton.  He supports long wars.  He also says he supports our troops; yet, like President Bush, he really supports their continued brutalization by not supporting the new GI Education Bill.  Ever since his return from Vietnam and the Keating Five incident, he’s been a man of questionable character.  So, there’s plenty there for George Stephanopoulos to uncover—if he had the balls and was fair—starting with Cindy June Cleaver McCain’s family recipes and the publication of their recent tax returns for the last two years.  Get on with it, George.  Uncover McCain’s hard Rock of Ages!

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