Pope Benedict XVI takes high road in U.S. tour!

Take note, President G.W. Bush, just as Pope Benedict XVI took the high road of hope and reconciliation in his United Nations address on Human Rights, highlighting religious freedom and liberty and the dignity and worth of every living individual—as he has throughout his U.S. tour—so too will Barack Obama, our next president.  He will break your hold on our foreign policy, and the Era of the Long War will be over.  Further, he will restore the Constitution—and our rights and civil liberties—and every American citizen, will be worthy of benefits of the American Dream. Benedict noted: Not just the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, acting out of their own self-interests, but all member nations of the General Assembly must act collectively to solve today’s world’s problems.  Again, take note, Mr. President because you have acted out of your own self-interests in an imperial presidency.  The People of these United States will elect to take their government back.  We will act collectively to solve our problems. With our goodwill and blessing, and the longed-for 21st century leadership, President Barack Obama, on our behalf, will make the necessary, sincere apologies to mend our fences, turn the page on the atrocities of the Bush-Clinton Era and, with renewed hope, vigor, and reconciliation, solve our most-pressing problems.


P.S.  The above expressed views are those of a recovering Catholic.  Traditional Roman Catholics may differ.

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