Step aside, John McCain and Hiliary Clinton!

If we’re not yet the country we ought to be, and if we haven’t yet provided all Americans with the economic and social justice they’re entitled to, then it’s much too late for John McCain or Hiliary Clinton to expect the voters will back either of them this election cycle.  For far too many election cycles, the candidates have pumped up the voters with the usual wedge issues, ad hominem attacks, platitudes, and promises.  Then, once the election is over, you never ever see or hear from them.  They don’t deliver on the promises and “do their own thing,” all at the voters’ expense.


En masse, the voters are after new leadership and a fresh start. This is why they’ve come out of the woodwork to take back their government.  Finally, they believe they have the candidate who will deliver on the promises of the past.  The media and rightwing blow hearts don’t have a clue how bitter the People have become, or over what, and that’s part of this excitement.  Step aside, John McCain and Hiliary Clinton.  You had your chance and blew it!  The People are passing you by with Barack Obama.

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