May your own words bury you, Hiliary!

No, we don’t get to choose our family; but fortunately, we do get to choose our president. The current primary race has the American public bogged down in three wars:  a war of words, our economic war, and our war in Iraq.  The Good News is on all these fronts, Barack Obama is winning.  Try as they have, the Clinton Machine has been unsuccessful in their swift-boat assaults on Barack Obama.  He still leads—clearly out front with the most delegates and popular vote—and, the People believe he’ll be the best as steward for the economy and preparedness to be our next commander-in-chief.  Even though Hiliary Clinton may claim a win is not necessarily a win, or Obama’s a loser, the People have heard and had enough! 


As long as Hiliary Clinton insists on dragging this process out, the People lose.  My prayer, and only ray of hope, is: “May your own words bury you.  Amen!”

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