Tell Hiliary where to get off!

Republicans do all they can to get Hiliary Clinton nominated and to take Barack Obama out.  The North Carolina Republican Party will run a Willie Horton-type ad against Barack Obama because that’s the game plan. John McCain and the National Republican Party can denounce and implore all they want; it’s never enough that anyone says:  “It distracts Republicans, degrades our civics, and seeks to divide the American people.” This racist ad will run just once and do its damage.  Millions of smart voters figured out the old games played by McCain and Clinton.  Isn’t it the “Good Cop-Bad Cop,” or the “Hot-Cold vs. Bitter-Sweet Game?” Clinton hasn’t denounced the ad as more of the same because she is more of the same!  Both McCain and Clinton use the same playbook.


On the Democratic side, Hiliary Clinton doesn’t have a chance of winning the nomination statistically.  Yet she’ll waste our time playing the waiting game, and ruin the Democratic Party, in the process.  For me, and millions of disgruntled, bitter Democrats, this is more like “the crying game!”  The super Superdelegates need to step in and tell Hiliary where to go!  Why should it become a game of The Mean Machine vs. Retribution?  The Democratic Party, and American public, loses.  WE should not have to wait for her clock to run out!   She and the Democratic Party are taking up valuable time by not allowing Barack Obama to build up the constituencies now favoring her.  This we cannot forgive! 




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