The only thing we have to fear is pride itself!

Today, America’s greatest challenge is not fear, but pride.  “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”  (Proverbs 16: 18).  Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s most recent remarks delivered before the Detroit NAACP and then at the Washington D. C. National Press Club, have created another stir, or manufactured, mainstream media meltdown.  Rev.Wright plainly states:  “America is in dire need of radical change and honest dialog on race!”  And Rev. Wendell Anthony proclaims:  “It’s not about man’s acceptance; it’s about God’s approval!”  What we don’t need now is the mainstream media’s version of the truth broken down for us. They are part of the problem, exceptional in the business of disinformation, lending credence to the sheep in wolves’ clothing, and supplying millions of voters with their mental breakdown.  They are no longer a reliable source of information in an open society.


Ironically, a black leader and the black church have opened the eyes of real America.  Instead of reacting to words, educated people choose to hear the truth. This is no time for treading softly, business as usual, or measured remarks.  America has its faults!  Rev. Wright is not in need of rehabilitation, America is.  Historically, those in power are corrupted, blinded by pride, and in denial as to the error of their ways. Traditionally, we attack the messengers—like Jeremiah—willing to “die over a lie!”  Today is no exception.  Roused from sleep, millions of Americans elect to re-think critically the sins and faulty assumptions of their past.  In solitude, they may read Isaiah 61 and Luke 4, reflect long and hard, and hopefully heal, moving down the road of reconciliation.  Praise be to God for the preachers who “brought it on home” and woke up America in time.  Barack Obama, this is a test of your steel and leadership.  Answer the call!

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