Mainstream media is part of the problem!

Voters ARE tired of the conversations that divide this nation.  Millions more want us to move forward.  Since the past two presidencies have exemplified imperfection, the American public has lost confidence in the Clintons, G.W. Bush, John McCain, and our public institutions.  In Barack Obama, we have a good and decent man running for president. He is not perfect, and says so often.  Rather than being sidetracked, we need to move forward on the real problems that face us as a nation.  To do this, we need to stop scapegoating Barack Obama for all the sins and bitterness of the past.


Mainstream media has failed to do its job.  In fact, they’re part of the problem: favoring the viewpoint of the government and the powerful corporations.  They have refused to investigate and report objectively on today’s real issues with fairness, disinterestedness, factuality, and nonpartisanship. Their specialty has been coverage of wedge issues and the delivery of covert propaganda packaged as credible news.  Until mainstream media provides the American public with truth, fairness, and accuracy on the real issues of the day, their public disservice makes them irrelevant and criminal.


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