Obama’s running mate is another balancing act!

More of Senator Hiliary Clinton’s supporters than Senator Barack Obama’s would love to have her end up being Obama’s vice presidential running mate.  This is bad because Obama cannot run on a platform of change and have the Clintons back in the White House in any shape or form.  Hillary as VP only makes sense if Obama is a phony. If he means what he has been saying about changing Washington, then he has to start with skipping what the “insiders” and conventional wisdom folks want.  We need to turn the page on the disgrace and scandal of the past two presidencies. 


Obama may need to pick someone fast to rebuild the support he is losing from Clinton supporters. The process will be another test of Obama’s skill and balance because he needs to pick someone who is strong on defense, more conservative than him, has lots of experience, appeals to females, blue collar, and Republican-Indpendent voters, and pacifies the racial tensions of white America. 


P.S.  Personally, since I’m behind changing the electoral map, I like any of these choices: Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, or Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio.


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