My Christmas Wish List?

Corporate America and their lobbyists run America, and this must change.  The Senate is an atrophied arm of the government, and this must change.

Just as the teabaggers are in the streets protesting big government, the progessives need to do the same against big corporations, especially the insurance companies.  President Obama must rally his troops.  The Senate needs to change its rules.  Get rid of the 61 votes necessary to move legislation, and make it 51.  The current health care reform bill is a sham.  On my wish list are these changes when the bill comes out of conference:  put back some type of a public option, have real reform begin in 2010, remove the mandate that requires the uninsured to purchase insurance,  remove the anti-trust status of the insurance companies, and tax high income earners rather than Cadillac insurance plans.

The middle class and poor are being screwed over every day by greedy corporations and a Senate that’s too slow to act to do what is right for the people because it’s mired down in politics and meaningless rituals.  All Americans deserve the best health care in the world, and we deserve it NOW!

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