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Is Our Government Really Broken?

February 24, 2010

Our government is broken because it’s controlled by the military complex and corporate America, who feed off one another and push agendas that exclude the needs of the people.. The Congress is in perpetual gridlock because, rather than serve the needs of the people–like in a real democracy–they’re the puppets of the lobbyists who represent the military complex and corporate America. So, until this is all fixed, we’ll continue to have a broken goverment. It’s a vicious circle because the bigger problem is a crisis of values.
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Gibbs: The Public Plan Doesn’t Have The Votes

February 23, 2010

The public wants the public option! Whatever happened to YES, WE CAN? Rather than leaders in the
White House and Congress, we have a bunch of LOSERS! Again, the people are not being served very well.
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President Obama, you’re too nice!

February 21, 2010

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President! Go into battle with the troops you have. We’re at war here at home. The Republicans are the enemy!

When they were in power, the Republicans worked only for themselves and corporate America–and they still are, in the minority–at the expense of the middle class, the poor, and the troops. No health care, no tax breaks…nothing was done for the people! Vowing to take you and your presidency down from the start, they shifted the blame for their costly errors, attempting to convince the American people you’re the weak and incompetent one. Their behavior is disgraceful; they are traitors to the American people. They crusade as great Christians, yet they’ve sold their souls to the devils of corporate America. They gave us the mess we’re in, and now they’re shifting the blame to make you the issue. Bipartisanship is a pipe dream. There’s is a shell game. They’re standing at the outer fringes with no new ideas or plans to move us forward because they love the status quo. They mock true democracy and disdain the American people.

Whenever real change has been called for in this country, it never came about through a bipartisanship effort. Instead, it took the leadership of a president and his party–the Democrats–to battle and win for the American people. So, let’s not be fooled. Let’s move forward and get the job done again.

We’re mad as Hell…!

February 14, 2010

Wall Street controls Congress and runs this country.  Main Street suffers because Congress is dysfunctional.  Too many elected officials have their hands in the pockets of corporate America.  Our government is broken, and this threatens our democracy.

Actions taken by both parties have been self-serving and detrimental to Main Street goals and aspirations. The Republicans’ abuse of the filibuster, blocking all of President Obama’s agenda, and the Democrats’ inability to come together to beat the Republicans at their own game, is not only ludicrous, it’s frightening.  But the real downer is whenever our nation needs real social change, it seems the Republicans are the ones who block our progress and prevent us from moving forward.

Meanwhile, President Obama has some choices:  govern by executive order, make more recess appointments, hold more press conferences, and address the nation not only on the progress of our economy, jobs, and health care, but on the greater crisis of values.  Our national security is at stake.  At every opportunity, Obama needs to explain to the American public that we’re in a crisis mode and spell out the reasons why.  He needs to rally the support of the American people.  The Silent Majority must wake up and help the President.  We must find our Voice and restore our democracy.  We, the people must take back our government by getting involved.  This is a responsibility of citizenship.  We must participate by writing and calling our elected officials—shouting “we’re mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore”—then march on Washington and demand changes in the status quo and more immediate solutions to major problems that can’t wait any longer. 

The strongest voice in Washington must be that of the People!  Let’s get to work and get the job done.  Call, write, tweet, and march!  Call, write, tweet, and march!  Call, write, tweet, and march!

President Obama can’t please all of the People!

February 14, 2010

“You can please some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.”  This variation of Lincoln’s famous quote is especially true today as millions of Americans want immediate relief from their own personal economic woes.  They need jobs and real health care reform that creates more jobs.

We didn’t get into this mess overnight, but President Obama must take hold of the reigns of leadership and re-connect with the American people.  We are at war right here at home. We must take care of the needs of our own people first!  Jobs and the economy must be the nation’s number one priority. Because messages of hope and change are hollow, the President must specifically demonstrate to the American people where we go from here and how we can get out of the mess we’re in. He must restore confidence in his leadership and move us forward.

Congress must help the President with a long-overdue, bipartisan partnership, rather than continued gridlock.  As the majority party, Democrats need a clear step forward on creating jobs and passing real health care reform.  Republicans must come onboard and help. As we reform health care, new jobs will be created, and Main Street’s health problems will be rectified.  Because the voters are upset with both political parties, members of Congress must come together to solve real problems, or their jobs will be on the line too.