Self-interest agendas shut down government!

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –Lord Acton. Voters are upset and scared. With no jobs, no adequate health care, and with a crisis of moral values, with no prospects of meaningful change coming soon, their trust is gone.

In the congress, perception is reality. We see proof both parties are the clients of corporate America and more concerned with bickering, individual self-interests, and re-election. Meanwhile, what the people need now—not in 2014—are jobs bills that put people back to work, strict Wall Street regulation that reigns in corporate power, real health care reform that stops insurance industry abuses, and a focus on solving problems here at home over those abroad.

Many are resigning from congress because they are sick and tired of the hypocrisy and gridlock, or they know they can’t win re-election. The party in power is impotent because it is afraid to stand up to the party out of power, and the party out of power is void of new ideas, pedals cynicism, and prefers the status quo, so it blocks everything the people need and continues the Bush era reign of terror and mocking our democracy. All of this brings us back to why voters are upset and scared. Since the largest voice in Washington, D.C. should be that of the people, we need to wise up and throw the bums out.

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