Oil Spill Leads To HUGE Drop In Market Cap Of BP, Halliburton

David vs. Goliath!

This BP spill reinforces the fear and disgust Main Street Americans already have for corporate America. The Wall Street banks, the insurance industry, and the big oil companies are out for themselves only. Enough with their profits at our expense! The idea that BP is having coastal residents sign waivers capping damages at $5,000 is revolting! What is protecting a way of life worth?

Senators proposing legislation to hike oil company spill liability must see the light of day, but what about including Halliburton? The DEMS need to go public on this because I expect GOPers will block this legislation. And just as immigration reform activists have taken to the streets across America, the anti-corporate Davids of our contry need to do the same now. This is the eleventh hour to save our environment and way of life. We need to take down Goliath!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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