People participate as they’re included.

For our democracy to work, it must include all its citizens. The way to include citizen participation is through necessary reforms. No true reform can take place as long as we have a corrupt government pandering to the special interests of corporations. Reform, therefore, must start in Congress with full public financing of elections. My personal goal here is to get the corporate lobbyists out of the halls of Congress and replace them with citizen lobbyists, so democracy works for everyone.

Strict regulatory reforms are necessary to thwart the unfair influence and control over our government by the insurance industry, the Wall Street banks and investment houses, and the big oil and coal companies. To accomplish this, members of Congress need to get their hands out of the pockets of corporate America. Common Cause, a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen’s lobbying organization, promotes open, honest and accountable government. Their formula for clean elections makes sense as it will:
1. Make candidates and election officials accountable only to the public interest, rather than powerful, special interests.
2. Save taxpayer dollars by reducing inappropriate giveaways to campaign contributors.
3. Make elections fair by leveling the playing field for candidates.
4. Allow politicians to spend less time fundraising, so they can spend more time addressing national priorities.
5. Give all citizens, regardless of wealth, a fair shot to be heard and participate in every step of the democratic process.
6. Reinvigorate our democracy by helping to reengage voters and increase voter turnout.

For further explanation of this formula, go to It is only as the loudest Voice in Washington, D.C. becomes that of the people, will the people be able to take back their government and democracy. Clean elections will have informed citizens participate and feel included. This participation and inclusion will force transparency as the public’s business becomes public. Other necessary reforms and oversight of corporate America and government operations will become routine, and we will ALL benefit.

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