Oil Spill Hearings In Congress: Companies Blame Each Other, Refuse Responsibility

Throw the money changers out of the temple!

Here we go again, shifting the blame. We’re all to blame: consumers who waste energy, remain uninformed, and don’t participate to solve our nation’s problems, powerful companies that put profits before safety and evironmental stewardship, and then say they’re sorry in public, but kill reforms behind the scenes, and a government and Congress that let the big oil and coal companies–and all their Halliburtons–Wall Street, and the insurance industry rule and get away with treason and murder.

This is another in a series of national emergencies affecting us all, the entire world. Pundits need to give it a rest, as they are part of the problem; while legitimate news outlets, the government, and the Congress need to investigate and explain their findings and solutions, so we can have an immediate and effective response to the current crisis. Companies responsible for screwing over the public need to be taxed, fined, reformed, and regulated.

The people need to wise up, throw the money changers out of the temple, and prepare to sacrifice. The president’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform needs to hurry up and make its report. The government and Congress must implement the recommendations. We all need to change!
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