McChrystal Rolling Stone Interview: HuffPost Bloggers Weigh In

This is a moment whereby President Obama can re-think his Afghanistanh policy, realizing this is a no-win war, the government of Afghanistan is corrupt, the American people have withdrawn their support for the war, and the monies spent there can be used better here at home. He should fire General McCrystal and start bringing our troops home, as we are in yet another quagmire. Al Qaeida, and their agents, can attack the U.S. from anywhere in the world, so let’s use our intelligence, in cooperation with our allies, to get “them” before they get us. There are too many of our troops, all over the world, that should be brought home as well.
In return, let’s build up our defenses here at home and use our satellites and outter space superiority to protect America’s interests.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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