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Put Elizabeth Warren in charge, Mr. President!

July 21, 2010

One of the best ways forward, regarding the selling of the benefits of financial reform to the public, is for the president to nominate Elizabeth Warren as the Consumer Protection Agency’s first administrator. Since the final bill is so watered down, strict rules must be written, and Elizabeth Warren at the helm will convince Main Street taxpayers that this will get done and that the president really sides with the people over Wall Street.


Ben Nelson Bucks Party, Helps GOP Block Jobless Aid

July 13, 2010

President Obama must use his bully pulpit and give another primetime speech to the nation wherein he explains that even though deficits are a primary concern of his administration, jobs, and putting people back to work, are even more important in the short term. To get millions of people back to work immediately, he should call out those in the Senate who are standing in the way. Tell the American people he will do everything possible, through executive order, to stimulate the economy further through a public works program, but that he also needs their help by contacting their elected officials and making it known they must act now to get people back to work.
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Mayberry Machiavellis: Obama Political Team Handcuffing Recovery

July 7, 2010

President Obama is out of touch! He needs to be bold fast: be a Franklin Roosevelt; stop listening to David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, who are fixated on the deficit and pinning him in from the true realities of ordinary Americans; through executive order, stimulate the economy with bolder jobs programs, so the unemployed are put back to work, paying taxes and purchasing goods and services; fire Larry Summers and Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, appointing Paul Krugman as the new Secretary. Obama’s inner circle is not serving him well, and, as a result, the “small people” suffer. P.S. While he’s at it, the president should also fire Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar as well, visit the Gulf again, and get rid of the red tape that’s stil a major problem down there.
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