The Answer Moving Us Forward

Very few politicians can be trusted nowadays because of their “us vs. them” shenanigans and the fact they are in the pockets and beholding to Wall Street, big oil, and the insurance industry.  Until our country’s needs are the first focus, there is public financing of all campaigns, and the individual morality of our politicians is restored, corporate America’s special interest lobbyists and corrupt politicians will walk hand in hand, and the American public loses.

Individual morality is the key to change in all other areas.   The character of our leaders is paramount!  Once our politicians hold themselves accountable in word and deed, they will have the sense of duty to solve the country’s problems with reliability, dependability, and commitment.  Pursuing worthy objectives with determination and patience—free of outside influences—will move America forward. 

Caring and practicing justice, equity, and equality, cooperating with one another, recognizing the uniqueness and value of each individual within our diverse society will mean a firm adherence to a code of moral values by our politicians.  Being honest, trustworthy, and incorruptible will restore the American public’s faith in its elected leaders and bring about the much-needed problem-solving and the right changes that will move us forward again.


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